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Our self-doubt kills our potential, don’t let it

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minute[s]

Self-doubt is our biggest enemy. It makes us silently accept tyranny, it makes us surrender to an unpalatable fate, it stops us from blazing a trail and improving our life.

Regardless of whether you agree with the ethos of Chelsea Manning, one of her supporters writes about how self-doubt is the reasons humans often silently tolerate injustice, tyranny or oppression.

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Weekly Brief #3

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minute[s]

There is no secret so success. Everyone is unique, comparison is futile. How dangerous the comfort zone is expressed beautifully. 6 dangerous vices to avoid.

On the theme of work-life balance: making time for friends, girlfriend/boyfriend and family, and, making the rest of your life a priority too besides just work.

Also, an article on how only work won’t lead to you success very fast. You should make even more rest your ally too.

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Weekly Brief #2

Estimated Reading Time: 1 minute[s]

This week, I have quotes on making dreams a reality, individuality, peace, and jealously as an indicator of success.

Also included are two amazing articles to how to deal with an awkward social situation we’ve all come across, and how to be a better leader.

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Weekly Brief #1

Estimated Reading Time: 1 minute[s]

Quotes regarding the power of belief to make oneself extraordinary, the importance of oneself to blaze his own trail, my favourite quote on the power of knowledge, and our responsibility to stand up against evil (in the words of Edmund Burke).

I recommend an amazing article I’ve read on crucial skills of maximum utility that everyone should possess by their 20s, along with another equally amazing book on 21 speeches which shaped our world accompanied by apt commentary by a noted specialist.

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Entering Instagram

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minute[s]

Explore why I shifted to start using Instagram as my primary social network.

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