Entering Instagram

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Explore why I shifted to start using Instagram as my primary social network.

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Book Review: I’m Yours… Forever…

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“Once in many years you come across a piece of writing which brutally challenges your most dearly-held preconceptions about fine writing.”

It is difficult to express in words how amazing this debut novel by 17 year-old Samragngi Roy is. The quintessential teenage romantic thriller.

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Get this Clear: People Will Not Give Up Luxuries to Protect the Environment

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Anthropogenic activities sure do harm the environment. But I am rather appalled at some solutions (taught to schoolkids) which advocate abstaining from luxury and our sensual pleasures.

People will never give up their luxuries and sensual pleasures to save the environment. That’s not a solution. There’s a better way to do this.

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22° Halo in Kolkata

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Interrupting me from trying to wrap my head around some pretty confusing physics on the Internet, my mom prodded me to “go outside and look at the Sun” immediately.

This was what I saw.

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To put it rather very quaintly, I am not really a very fond admirer of what we today call hookup culture.

This short story is a mockery of this hookup culture and the seduction community of pickup artists, and how it, more often than not, thrives on deceiving people.

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