Our self-doubt kills our potential, don’t let it

Self-doubt is our biggest enemy. It makes us silently accept tyranny, surrender to an unpalatable fate, and stops us from blazing a trail. Don’t let it.


One of the last things President Obama did in office was commute the 35-year prison sentence of Chelsea Manning, the transgender soldier who leaked USA’s dirty Iraq War secrets to WikiLeaks. Credits to much public pressure.

There are many sides to the argument. Her proponents argue that she did the right thing by leaking documents that brought to light shameful practices indulged in by US military forces in Iraq. Her opponents argue that she leaked sensitive military documents and placed the US military and government to shame and threatened national security.

I refuse to be drawn into this unholy debate.

Of interest to me, however, is Evan Geer’s article in The Guardian Chelsea Manning’s release is the inspiring proof: nothing is impossible, written shortly after Manning was released from prison. 

Our self-doubt is the killer

Geer writes:

Tyranny thrives on our collective self-doubt. Authoritarianism is built on the contagious idea that there is nothing that we can do to challenge it. Oppression lives in our cynicism and in the times when we do nothing – out of fear that if we do something our actions will be in vain.

More often than not, if only we didn’t doubt our capabilities to do something, we could have accomplished much more, and the world would have been a much better place today.

The cynics will always be there

I’ve grown up (and continue to) in an environment where it is deeply embedded into people’s psyche that there is little they can do to change the status quo.

It is unfortunate that perhaps most of us do, and that is probably one of the reasons many of us fail to realize our dreams.

It’s that nagging self-defeating voice shouting in the back of your voice, “You can’t! It’s too difficult! There are insert random bottlenecks here things that could go wrong”. Moreover, if that’s not enough, the negative attitude of most around us don’t help. At all.

That doubt is holding us back. 

Good morning! The cynic is quite often the overly analytical person who never fails to question everything and find darkness in it. It's beautifully put that the cynic always focuses on the negative, the price to be paid for an endeavour, but never the positive, that is the positive outcomes of the endeavour. Everything is a compromise. But then, nothing will ever get done if you focus on the obstacles. All of us will face a lot of cynics in our life. Perhaps their words will appear to ring true in inevitable moments of hopelessness and hardship. But let us all remember this. The cynic will probably never help you create anything, neither has he probably ever created anything meaningful. The key is to focus on our goal and be smart and motivated enough to overcome all obstacles and hardships to success. Ignore the cynic. Blaze a trail. #goodmorning #ignore #cynic #oscarwilde #price #value #motivation #personaldevelopment #person #individual #helpful #negative #positive #darkness #negativity #focus #blaze #trail #create

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The cynic will always look at the price to be paid for an endeavour. A cynic will always focus on the bottlenecks and difficulties, and make a mountain out of a mole-hill: apparently, the difficulties are so huge that they are insurmountable

Remember, everything is possible

Let me tell you something. Everything is possible. It might be difficult, perhaps a tad bit more difficult than we would like it to be, but it is possible. Nothing is insurmountable.

Ignore the cynic, don’t allow yourself the dishonour of being one either. Hand on heart, have faith in yourself. Find a way, and blaze a trail.

You’ll be doing yourself and the society a favour. You’ll create a better life for yourself and the world.

With this new-found faith and confidence, you’ll start speaking up against what you consider oppression and injustice. You will not tolerate what you consider people’s dignity being played with. Just like Chelsea Manning’s huge network of supporters did. And look at what they accomplished: they forced the hand of the US President to release her from prison after serving just 7 years of her 35 year sentence.

Everyone of us can. The very first step is to believe. 

To your success,