Weekly Brief #1

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Quotes regarding the power of belief to make oneself extraordinary, the importance of oneself to blaze his own trail, my favourite quote on the power of knowledge, and our responsibility to stand up against evil (in the words of Edmund Burke).

I recommend an amazing article I’ve read on crucial skills of maximum utility that everyone should possess by their 20s, along with another equally amazing book on 21 speeches which shaped our world accompanied by apt commentary by a noted specialist.

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#TrollFreeBasics, Stand Up For Net Neutrality

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Facebook has started an elaborate corporate propaganda to promote its version of so-called “digital equality” and support for Free Basics (previously Internet.org) in India. I decided to troll one of their own tools of propaganda against them.

Also included are bonuses on what else you can do to defend net neutrality in India, and why it is so important.

UPDATE: We’ve won! India’s telecom regulator TRAI has now banned Free Basics and such other “zero-rated services” from operating in India.

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