The Bad Liberal

“Liberals” these days seem to be have become as biased and conservative as the conservatives they first rose up against during the French Revolution.


Perhaps every citizen in this country is aware of the recent demonetisation of ₹ 500 and ₹ 1000 notes. A couple of weeks have elapsed hence.

In criticism of the same, the “liberals” seem to have degenerated into a breed no better than the fundamentalists (opposition to whom appears to be the lucida of their life), thus placing themselves in a supremely hypocritical and ironic position unworthy of respect.


Last Sunday, the 20th of November to be precise, the Times of India published a write-up on the various demographic cohorts that have since come into existence.

Of particular interest to me were their words on liberals:

“The scheme had barely been announced when a great lament went up from liberals around the country. Most of them live on salaries and capitalist surplus. They’re comfortable with credit cards and are insulated from demonetisation to the extent possible. But every queue is a sight of trauma for them, as they imagine every heartbreaking detail about how the working class lives. They soak up sad details from their drivers, cleaning ladies and “retainers”, not having made any effort to pay a decent wage or help then with bank accounts. They morbidly count deaths, and lay them all at [Prime Minister] Modi’s door. Their hearts bleed as they hold up new notes bleeding colour. Everyone is an expert on the crisis to unfold in factories and farms. Watch them gleefully quote the international media, or vigorously protest government encroachment.

Their compassion is boundless. The poor don’t seem to mind Modi’s decision so much, thus far, but that’s just pitiful false consciousness, you see. Liberals always know better.”

What a wonderful satire! What wonderful use of rhetoric, which very aptly shoves into the limelight the essence of everything that appears to be wrong with “liberals” today.

My concerns have very aptly been expressed in this article on The Guardian. Liberals, in contemporary times, seem to have degenerated into the very same fundamentalists who take pride in simply refusing to admit any divergent opinions – a cohort they fundamentally term arch-enemies.

In Conclusion (a generalization)

The quintessential “liberal” basks in the supposed glory, and megalomania, of enjoying a monopoly over public opinion, which by the virtue of their status and reputation in the society, they do.

The “liberals” seem to embrace the chimerical thought that none but themselves are correct. They typically slander and denigrate all other divergent opinions thus.

That, to my mind, makes them a breed no better than the fundamentalists, opposition to whom seems to be the very self-proclaimed lucida of their life.