Weekly Brief #1

This week, I explore quotes regarding the power of belief to make oneself extraordinary, the importance of oneself to blaze his own trail and not be influenced by others, my favourite quote on the power of knowledge, and our responsibility to stand up against evil (in the words of Edmund Burke).

And also, I recommend to everyone an amazing article I’ve read on crucial skills of maximum utility that everyone should possess by their 20s, along with another equally amazing book on 21 speeches which shaped our world, accompanied by apt commentary by a noted specialist.


Here in India, this is the last week of our session break. Our school sessions are from April to March the following year. So this week, like the previous one (also part of the session break), was a time for relaxation and enjoyment, with almost non-existent pressure for studies.

Here’s the best of what I did.


The power of belief is amazing. It can make humans kill other fellow beings. Now, such fanaticism and morbid pleasure is uncalled for in the interest of our survival.

But belief can achieve wonders when used properly. As in, the very first step to getting started on the long, hard path to success is to believe that every one of us can be extraordinary, if only we try.

During the week, I came across another wonderful quote in my Instagram feed, which I regrammed as a good morning message.

I think this quote rings true in so many ways. In today’s information society, it is all too easy to get swayed by what everyone else is thinking or saying. It would be better to blaze our own trail, to figure out what we want, and get it. Because, as Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”.

Kudos to my girlfriend for pointing out that this quote is to be attributed to none other than Omar N. Bradley, the distinguished World War II US Army veteran and first Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Another quote I shared on my Instagram profile out of my own accord is one of my favourites, from Dead Poets Society:

Let us not forget the old joke: One lawyer with a briefcase can steal more than a hundred men with guns. In today’s information society, knowledge is power, and rhetoric is your instrument of choice.

Today morning, I shared another quote which is very close to my heart.

It often hurts me that many of us stand silent against evil. If the world is to be a better place, it is our responsibility to stand up for the right and raise our voices against evil. You might say it isn’t easy. Of course it isn’t. But then, what in the world is easy except a meaningless life?

Reading and Recommendations

The Quintessential Man, maintained by Andrian Iliopoulos, is one of my favourite personal development blogs. That being said, it is no surprise that I value personal development very highly.

This week, I came across a wonderful article on The Quintessential Man:

It is a truly amazing article in which Andrian lists the 9 skills everyone should have figured out by the time they complete their 20s. I couldn’t agree more with the immense utility of these skills. 

Check out this wonderful article: The Latticework of Vital Skills – 9 Crucial Skills to Develop in Your 20s

I’d even venture so far as to dare recommend you to sign up to The Quintessential Man newsletter. This is one blog that will surely help you develop immensely.

I’m also reading another book. It’s 21 Speeches That Changed Our World by Chris Abbott. It’s another wonderful book, a compilation of 21 speeches, some of the most influential, path-changing in history.

Abbott, himself a researcher and specialist in international security and foreign affairs, aptly introduces the theme of each speech with a wonderful commentary that familiarises the reader with the context necessary to fully appreciate each.

I’d highly suggest you go through this book. It will enrich you.


That’s all folks, for this week. Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend; and an even more fascinating week ahead.

This is the first in line of my weekly briefs, a line of curated content, the best I’ve come across in the entire week.


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