Weekly Brief #2

This week, I have quotes on making dreams a reality, individuality, peace, and jealously as an indicator of success. Also included are two amazing articles to how to deal with an awkward social situation we’ve all come across, and how to be a better leader.

Relaxation and Reflection

A took a break last Sunday, to relax and reflect.

And rightly so. After a long, hard week that most of us spend at work, a Sunday is rightly a day to unwind and relax, and perhaps reflect too.

It would be good if every one of us follows this.


Any person who regularly stays in touch with my Instagram will know that I keep posting quotes on motivation and personal development nearly almost every day.

In the midst of all this, this one provided a hard-hitting context:

It doesn’t make sense if we only share quotes and dream of success but never work for it. It is useless. I made a note to self. So should you.

Individuality always appeals to me like nothing else. Here’s one of my favourite quotes by Ian Wallace that I shared on my Instagram.

I personally think it’s one of those truly enriching quotes I’ve come across.

Another quote which had a profound effect on me had appeared in The Times of India. I had very comfortably forgotten about it until I re-discovered it recently.

Towards the end of the week, I shared one of the life lessons I had learnt from experience.

I have experienced this so many times in my life. It’s built from experience.

That is, of course, not all. There are so many other wonderful, amazing quotes I shared too. Check out my Instagram: @sagniksarkar0

Reading and Recommendations

Throughout the week, I came across two articles which continue to stand out. Have a look, they’ll enrich you.

I believe everyone of us can identify intimately with this situation. This article will surely help you out: Social Briefing #5: What to Do at an Event Where You Don’t Know Anyone

It lists numerous strategies. One will surely fit for you. I recommend it highly to get each one of us one step closer to the ever-envied savoir-faire.

Hidden deep inside every one of us (if not on the surface) is a desire to be a leader. And truth be said, most of us will have to lead at some point in life.

Here’s how to be a better leader, from Lifehack.org: What Are 4 Core Leadership Theories And How To Apply At Work

It is sprinkled with theories and concepts. Take what you will from it. It will surely enrich you.

Featured Fashion

Starting this week, I’ll be featuring one piece of amazing apparel on my Instagram. I can vouch for the quality of my selections, and additionally and more importantly, the quality of the products and pertinent services.

If you’re interested, follow my Instagram to stay updated.

Firstly, they are style recommendations. Additionally, if you like it, why not buy it? It’s entirely up to you.


In conclusion for this week, I’d just like to leave behind one thing.

Go out there and blaze a trail!