Weekly Brief #3

There is no secret so success. Everyone is unique. The danger of the comfort zone. Making time to live, not just work. The importance of rest for success.


This Weekly Brief is special, not just for one but two reasons. Firstly, the observant reader might care to recall that I was unable to publish a Weekly Brief last week. So, this is the brief of the last 2 weeks.

Secondly, the even more observant reader might care to note something else too, which would also be the explanation for the absence of a Weekly Brief last week.

Forgive me if I sound cryptic. Watch this space for more. You’ll known soon.

Executive Summary

Here’s the best of the past 2 weeks.

There is no secret so success. Everyone is unique, comparison is futile. How dangerous the comfort zone is expressed beautifully. 6 dangerous vices to avoid.

On the theme of work-life balance: making time for friends, girlfriend/boyfriend and family, and, making the rest of your life a priority too besides just work.

Also, an article on how only work won’t lead to you success very fast. You should make even more rest your ally too.

There is no secret to success

I shared one of the quotes which had had a profound influence on me. It’s from the (hilarious) movie Kung Fu Panda.

Now, Kung Fu Panda might seem like a comedy. Well, it is, but the observant cinema-watcher would care to note that hidden deep beneath that facade of comic spectacles lies a deep message.

One of the innumerable messages is this: there is no such “secret” to success. It’s just you striving to reach it. You have to figure out how to do it.

Don’t compare, everyone is unique


Over and over and over again, I keep coming back to individuality. In today’s age of constant comparison, which is the source of much unhappiness, we ought to remember that every one of us is unique, and we might not fit into the archetype of someone else. One’s identity is unique and sacred, it must not be sacrificed at any cost.

The best definition of the comfort zone

Comfort zone. Familiar term, right? Here’s something on it I found today.

We all know what “comfort zone” means. But this is by far the best description of the comfort zone I’ve come across. The comfort zone is, well, comfortable; but no growth takes place there.

Make Time for your Partner every night

The past 2 weeks my Instagram feed might have been somewhat lacking in quotes, but not in many of the life lessons I’ve learnt that I shared.

Here’s something I’ve always believed in.


However hectic my day, I always try my best to come back home and make time for my girlfriend. I personally think everyone of us should apply this principle in our relationships. It shows our partner how much we care.

You have a life besides your work

Welcome to the 21st century culture of “hustle”. Apparently, overworking/hustling is a trend these days. Well, let me make it conspicious, I hate it.

I hate how some people sacrifice investments into their family, relationships and self for their work. Come on brother, they are important too!

I might be crazy passionate about my work, but at the end of the day, my relationships with friends, girlfriend and family give me the most happiness. What about yours?

6 Life-Destroying Vices to avoid

I’ve spent some time reading the Arthashastra, Chanakya’s masterpiece on statecraft. A chapter on the virtues of the king lists 6 vices he should stay away from.

King or commoner, vices remain vices. It would be wonderful if everyone of us follows this principle, for our own betterment.

A Sweet, Unassuming Way that says “I love you”

Every day after I come home, the first thing my girlfriend asks me is, “How was your day, baby?” She has accused me of doing the same with her.

And I think it’s such a sweet gesture, just another of those little, underappreciated ways your partner shows you how much he/she cares for you. 

Only work won’t lead you to success, even more rest is your ally

This headline sure caught my eye, and I wasn’t disappointed at all. You might just consider this article in The Nautilus (which, by the way, is a beautiful science magazine) the gita of work-life balance in today’s culture of “hustle”.

What I'm Reading: The mind-boggling importance of rest for success Here's a secret. The famous "10,000 hours of practice to achieve success" study, often misquoted to promote mindless hustle, had an important precondition: work must be chequered with even more rest for success. In the 21st century culture of hustle, this article provides a much needed balance; exploring how some of the most successful scientists in history combined much rest with work, and then backing up this pretense with science. The bottom line? The secret to success is combining some hours of focused, adequate work with even more hours of rest. Check my bio for the link to this amazing article. Or, use this: http://goo.gl/gIqq3Z #whatiamreading #article #rest #important #work #balance #hustle #life #personaldevelopment #psychology #neuroscience #lifelessons101

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Here’s the secret. The famous “10,000 hours of practice to achieve success” study, often misquoted to promote mindless hustle, had an important precondition: work must be chequered with even more rest for success.

Learn about the importance of rest in making us successful. Perhaps we shouldn’t work so hard after all. Check out the article: Darwin Was A Slacker, And You Should Be Too

“The secret to success is combining some hours of focused, adequate work with even more hours of rest.”

We need way more rest than work. Success takes time. 


Due to some subconscious upheaval I can’t explain, the past couple of weeks saw my Instagram profile become the poster-boy (dare I say that) of work life-balance.

Here’s a childishly simple message for the coming week. Work hard, but let it not destroy the rest of your life. 

To your success,