Privacy Policy v. 2.0

Effective Since: February 15, 2018

I may collect, use and share your information only in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

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Who I Am

I am Sagnik Sarkar, a lifestyle blogger. is my lifestyle blog.

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Particulars of Information Collected

What Personal Information I Collect & When
How It is Collected
Why It is Collected

Only for these legitimate interests:

  • Your First Name: To personalize my newsletters.
  • Your Email Address: I cannot send you a newsletter unless I know your email address.
  • Your IP Address, Submission ID of Form & Date and Time of Submission: To maintain a record of your requests under data protection law, for your own safety and later reference.

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How I May Use Your Personal Information

Only for these legitimate interests:

  • To send you an acknowledgement email when you fill up Request Personal Information or Update Personal Information Form – for your own safety and future reference
  • To send you a confirmation email when you sign up for my newsletter – to confirm your identity.
  • To send you newsletters from time to time – because you have subscribed to them.
  • Inform you of changes to this Privacy Policy – because that is your right.

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Location of Storage

I store all your personal information in a server in a European Union country.

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Your Right to Access Your Personal Information

You may request me to provide you with a copy of your information by:

  • Using the Request Personal Information Form.
  • Clicking the View My Info link at the bottom of the confirmation email and every newsletter.

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Your Right to Update Your Personal Information

  • You may request me to update your information by:
  • I shall process your request as soon as possible, at most within 7 days of your request.

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Your Right to Terminate

  • You are free to unsubscribe from receiving my newsletters at any point of time.
  • You may do this by:
  • If and when you unsubscribe, I shall delete all your personal information or anonymize them.

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Your Right to Be Informed of Breaches

Meaning of Breach: Any entity accessing your personally identifiable information in violation of this Privacy Policy.

In case of a breach, I shall notify you by email within 72 hours of the breach coming to my knowledge.

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Sharing of Information When Required by Law

  • In certain scenarios, I may be required by the law of the land to share some or all of your personally identifiable information with certain third-parties.
  • The retention and use of such information is governed by the applicable law and internal policies of such third-parties.

I shall not share your personal information with any other third-party.

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Your Right to be Notified of Changes

If and when I amend any part of this Privacy Policy, I shall inform you by email.

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Latest Version: Version 2.0

Version 2.0: Effective since Feb 14, 2018. Made the following changes to attempt to bring this Policy in alignment with the upcoming EU GDPR:

  • Added Contents and Back to Top links for enhanced readability
  • Added how the processing of your personal information is on the grounds of legitimate interest
  • Added European Union location of storage clause
  • Added Quick Links
  • Amended my email address
  • Deleted provisions for third-party transfer to Gmail during newsletter delivery – because I now use my own domain to deliver you newsletters
  • Reduced limit for data breach notification from 7 days excluding weekends to 72 hours after identification
  • Simplified the Particulars of Information Collected clause
  • Simplified the process of updating and requesting your personal information by creating forms for this purpose
  • Updated the list of the classes of personal information I may collect, legitimate interests and possible uses for your personal information
  • Updated the methods for updating and requesting your personal information

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Version 1.0: Effective from Feb 13 – 14, 2018.