The Bad Liberal

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Liberals, in contemporary times, seem to have degeneratedĀ into the very same fundamentalists who take pride in simply refusing to admit any divergent opinions.

Here’s the irony. Conservatives are a cohort they have fundamentally termedĀ arch-enemies ever since the French Revolution.

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Get this Clear: People Will Not Give Up Luxuries to Protect the Environment

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Anthropogenic activities sure do harm the environment. But I am rather appalled at some solutions (taught to schoolkids) which advocate abstaining from luxury and our sensual pleasures.

People will never give up their luxuries and sensual pleasures to save the environment. That’s not a solution. There’s a better way to do this.

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#TrollFreeBasics, Stand Up For Net Neutrality

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Facebook has started an elaborate corporate propaganda to promote its version of so-called “digital equality” and support for Free Basics (previously in India. I decided to troll one of their own tools of propaganda against them.

Also included are bonuses on what else you can do to defend net neutrality in India, and why it is so important.

UPDATE: We’ve won! India’s telecom regulator TRAI has now banned Free Basics and such other “zero-rated services” from operating in India.

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