How to avoid burnout in law school

Want to sail through law school – or college/university in general – without burnout? This is one big secret you should know.

What I Heard

Before I came to law school, I had heard stories about how there is so much work to be done, even in first year. Frankly, it scared me! At the same time, I had also other voices which said that it’s nothing unmanageable – if  I do my work on time.

The Pledge

So, before I came here, I made a pledge to myself – in law school, I will review whatever has been taught in class by the end of the day. 

It quickly turned out to be completely impractical. Unforeseen circumstances knock on your door, you fall ill, and sometimes you just wanna chill.

But I find it a great goal to strive for, simply because:

A. It makes me want to finish my studies as soon as possible. However, the key here is that I never compromise on quality to finish studies fast, and that is absolutely essential.

B. If I don’t finish it on time, my fingers itch until I am able catch up.

The Result?

In general, I finish studying what has been taught in class within a couple of days. I rarely ever have backlog.

Of course, we’re all completely human. There is no way you will be able to live up to this high ideal all the time. I too fall behind sometimes. The key is to forgive those minor lapses here and there, and make every effort to catch up.

What You Should Do

It’s so easy to fall prey to temptations and procrastinate; and then burn the midnight oil before a deadline.

You wanna get a solid 8 hours of sleep every night, and still accomplish so much in college?

✔️ Begin your work early.

✔️ Break it up into manageable parts that you can complete every day.

⚡ Strive to do your due work every single day. If you fall behind, catch up as soon possible.

It’s that simple.